Celebrate a Whole Heart with the August Prospurly

August Prospurly

As the season comes closer to its end, it’s a time to reflect on the brightest summer days now past. During summer, we often find ourselves enjoying the most memorable times with our loved ones – friends, family and our most significant others. This August, we’ve uncovered some of the finest healthy & honest goods

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July Prospurly: Summer at the Beach!

July Prospurly

There’s nothing quite like a summer day spent on the shoreline. The warm sand beneath your feet, the bright sun above, and the sound of laughter and splashing in the distance. It seems like no matter who you are, the beach is a sorts of paradise in summer – a place for fun, relaxation and

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June Prospurly: Explore the World!

June Prospurly

It’s summer. The warmth of the season has only begun, with long, hot days and warm summer nights ahead. It’s the perfect time to grab a weekend bag, hit the road, and explore new places with new people, new sights, and new sounds. Inside June, you’ll discover an amazing assortment of handcrafted goodies, each inspired

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Kickoff the Summer with the May Prospurly

May Prospurly

With the solstice just a few short weeks away, warming nights tell us that summer is on her way. The longer, brighter evenings are shared with friends around hot meals, listening to the crickets sing in the distance and laughter speckled by campfire. The world has slowly come alive these past few months, and adventure

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Celebrating Mother Earth in the April Prospurly Box

April Prospurly

Our favorite day of the year just passed: Earth Day. In April, we celebrate Mother Earth, all month long. As a people, it’s a time to look ahead to a sustainable future, but also to think about how we’ve treated our planet in the past. It’s a reminder to cultivate our relationship with the planet,

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Spring Has Sprung this March with Prospurly

March Prospurly

The early days of Spring are now upon us. The solstice has come, our clocks have changed, and all around us we can see the blooming of life. The daffodils and tulips pour color into the sky while cherry blossoms fill our air with the refreshing smell of sweet spring.  This month is also a

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The January Prospurly Box: A New Adventure

January Prospurly Box Review

The New Year is here! It’s a time for new purpose, revitalized ambition, and of course, a focus on empowering mental and physical health. Let’s peek inside the January Prospurly Box!

The November Prospurly Box: Gifts of Gratitude

November Prospurly Box Review

It can be hard to believe the year is nearly at its close. As is the nature of all things, the passing of time brings change, growth, and new perspectives. Take a peek inside this November Prospurly Box review!